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Johnnie Fingers(b. John Moylett, 10 September 1956, Ireland)

The Boomtown Rats keyboards player Johnnie Fingers is famed for wearing pyjamas on stage.

His piano intro of I Don't Like Mondays launched him to iconic status around the world.

On the 16th of December 1978, Johhnie played on stage with band members of The Sex Pistols and Thin Lizzy. The band called themselves 'The Greedies'.

Bob Geldof - vocals (Boomtown Rats)
Johnny Fingers - keyboards (Boomtown Rats)
Steve Jones - guitar, vocals (Sex Pistols)
Paul Cook - drums (Sex Pistols)
Philip Lynott - vocals, bass (Thin Lizzy)
Brian Downey - drums (Thin Lizzy)
Gary Moore - guitar, vocals (Thin Lizzy)
Scott Gorham - guitar (Thin Lizzy)

Johnnie married a Japanese girl named Yoko. After The Boomtown Rats, Fingers, Yoko, and The Boomtown Rats drummer Simon Crowe released some music under the name Gung-Ho.

Johnnie Fingers has been living in Tokyo for a number of years. and now rides high in the Japanese music industry - "It keeps me on the streets".

Johnnie played on stage as a guest with The Pogues & Joe Strummer of The Clash at the Bay NK Hall, Tokyo, Japan on March 5, 1992.

Fingers in the pointman for the Fuji Rock Festival in Japan.

Johnnie Fingers cousin is The Boomtown Rats bass player Pete Briquette.

Johnnie Fingers sister is the Press Officer for U2.