Kenny Everett Video Show

A very rare clip has come to light of the Boomtown Rats on a 1980's comedy TV show called the 'Kenny Everett Video Show'. The Rats played 'Keep it Up' a track from the Fine Art of Surfacing album.

The song wasn't actually released as a single - it was just a fun song that suited the show. During the video, the Rats lark about in 1950's clothes and zombie make-up... for no particular reason... Also watch out for the gigantic guitar.

Watch from 4:54 onwards:


Courtney Love in Love with The Boomtown Rats

Courtney Love and Kurt CobainCourtney Love (singer with the band Hole and wife of late Nirvana front man Kurt Cobain) has told the Irish Times about living in Dublin and being "in love with The Boomtown Rats".


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